Get prepared for your best season.

Online ski training, designed by Physical Therapists, informed by the latest research and years in the field training for winter and treating winter athletes. ATP will hone your systems to prepare you for your best season yet.

Online Video Training Programs

  • Alpine
    This program will help you get ready to hit the slopes when the lifts start spinning or tune up mid-season in anticipation of that upcoming trip.  Start stronger and stay out there longer when you train with this 3 phase, 8 week program.
  • Backcountry
    This program will train you for the up and the down. Our three phase, 8 week program is designed to help you gain the mobility and endurance you need for breaking track and making kick turns on steep terrain as well as the strength and control required for descents in uncontrolled terrain.
  • Self Assessment
    Screen your systems and learn where you need to focus your training. This assessment will give you a sense for the strength, mobility and control that is required for your sport. This will give you tools to know which exercises are best for you.


Optimize your strength and mobility where you need it to meet the demands of your sport. Our self assessment will show you where you need to focus your training.

Earn Your Turns

You'll have more fun when you're ready for the challenge.

We've been There

The founders of ATP have a passion for skiing and snowboarding and we designed ATP so that you can get more enjoyment out of your winter season. Whether that means pushing yourself to the next level, or just being able to get more days out without being held back by injury.

Save Time and Money

Our program trains what you need efficiently and effectively with minimal equipment and can be done in your own home.

The Right Exercises from Experts

Get effective exercises from PTs who are experts in injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance performance of the skier and snowboarder while optimizing the motion, strength and balance deficits of the individual that might expose them to injury. ATP includes a self assessment and training programs based on the latest research and years of working on the world cup circuit, as well as participating in multi day hut trips and freeskiing competitions.