How It Works – Alpine Training Project

Get ready for your best season yet.

How It Works

Alpine Training Project provides online training programs designed by physical therapists to hone your systems for the demands of skiing and snowboarding.

With an ATP monthly membership, you’ll receive online-access to a training plan with video-led exercises including a list of recommended sets, rep, and order.    Videos include tips on form and focus based off of years of experience working with athletes. We focus on body weight exercises that can be performed with little to no equipment in your home or any gym

Programs have been thoughtfully designed by physical therapists who are passionate about keeping our ski community healthy and include exercises to  focused on meeting the demands of your sport including mobility, strength, dynamic control.  Programs address commonly-missed regions important for muscle balance and movement quality.   We’re here to help you get ready for the season and stay at your best throughout the winter. 

Each plan consists of our signature 6-week on-ramping program which is designed to be done leading into the season or when you are ramping up to prepare for a trip or increase in your skiing volume.  We guide you through three progressive phases : building from foundational work on strength, mobility, and movement quality up through challenging endurance, power, and dynamic control tasks.  During the on-ramping series you’ll receive a new set of exercises every two weeks. Perform this 30-45 minute workout three times per week during that phase in order to prepare your muscles, joints and other systems for the fun and challenges to come as you head into the season.   

In addition to the on-ramping program, all ATP members will have full-time online access to our “Skihab” resources which can be used in conjunction with the on-ramping program and utilized once you’ve finished or-ramping to maintain strength and improve recovery.  

Step 1

Choose Tour track: Inbounds/Resort-Based or Backcountry

We offer two different tracks for our on-ramping programs: the inbounds track is geared for anyone who’s main focus is on alpine skiing – either in the resort or side-country.  It is appropriate for all skiing ability levels.  Our backcountry track includes all of the downhill training, plus additional exercises focused on preparing for uphill travel.

Program Details

Step 2

Choose High-Impact or Reduced-Impact Program

Within each track you may choose to follow the “reduced-impact” version, or “high-impact” version.

The low-impact program is a great option for people who want to improve their strength and endurance while recovering from an injury or protecting long-standing conditions such as arthritis or back problems which can be sensitive to higher-impact loading.  It is also appropriate for individuals without injuries whose skiing takes place primarily on groomed slopes.

The high impact version ramps up the plyometric-type exercises during phase II and III of our on-ramping program for individuals with no major pain issues in the trunk or lower body who anticipate skiing in uneven terrain, at higher speeds, or including drops and airs.

Our Programs

Step 3

Start training with the on-ramping series

When you sign up for a program, you will be provided an account and may view your workout plan from there.   The exercises are listed along with suggested dosage of sets and reps and videos to guide you through each exercise.  Written instructions as well as tips for modifications and other considerations are provided under the exercise details.

Before starting your training you may take our optional self-assessment which will guide you through 13 tasks designed to give you a baseline measure for different mobility, strength, endurance, and dynamic control tasks that are relevant for skiers and snowboarders.  Take note of any tasks that fall short of the benchmark and track your progress for these areas as you work through the on-ramping series.

Begin training with the Phase I workout to build your foundational strength, address flexibility, control and establish proper movement patterns.  Complete the full list of exercises 3x/week for 2-3 weeks. After two weeks Phase II will open, adding additional endurance, single leg control, and dynamic agility progressions.  You may choose to progress into Phase II right away, or stay in Phase I for an additional 1-2 weeks if you would like additional time to build foundational strength. You may use the self-assessment to re-check any of your “needs work” tasks as you go through the program.   After completing phase II for two weeks, Phase III will open, continuing to progress endurance and higher-level dynamic control work.

Step 4

Start Skiing! Enjoy The Benefits Of Your Hard Work & Maintain In-Season With The "Skihab" Tools

Once you’ve attained your desired level of strength, you will maintain much of your power through doing your sport.  It is a good idea to continue working on your stability and control throughout the season.  With continued monthly membership you will maintain access to the on-ramping workouts as well as the “skihab” resources.  These includes stretches, foam rolling techniques, and a custom yoga flow.  These are great tools for active recovery after workouts or during off-days.    We also provide resources for maintaining optimized performance levels in-season including a dynamic warm-up series for days on the hill and a program consisting of  maintenance strength and mobility exercises to be utilized as you go through the season to keep you operating at the top of your game.