Season Pass Program – Alpine Training Project

Get ready for your best season yet.

This track is designed to help you get in shape for lift-accessed skiing, whether you’re staying in the resort or heading into the “slack-country”.  It includes our signature on-ramping series which progresses through three 2-week phases, advancing from foundational mobility, strength and control work through higher-demand endurance and plyometric-type exercises.  We offer a high-impact version and reduced-impact version of this program.

Done in the pre-season, it will have you starting stronger, ready to stay out there longer from day 1 that you hit the slopes.  The on-ramp is also a great program for people getting ready for a trip and anticipate ramping up your skiing volume or intensity.

This product also includes our in-season “Skihab” program which provides tools for active recovery such as stretching routines, foam rolling techniques, and a custom yoga flow for winter athletes.  There are also suggestions for on-the-slope dynamic warm-ups along with maintenance-exercises to help maintain muscle-balance and supplement the exercise you are getting by doing the sport throughout the winter.