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Get ready for your best season yet.

In-Person Program


6 week in person group class at your preferred location.
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      Would you like to see a class offered in your region?  Or are you a PT that would like to host an ATP class?  Contact [email protected] with your location and/or clinic.

      The In-Person Program Includes:


      6 week group class

      • 1 hour, 1x/wk
      • ATP-trained PT or PTA instructors
      • New circuit  each week
      • High energy
      • Accountability

      Online ATP Membership

      • 6 month “season pass” access 
      • Supplemental pre-season workouts
      • Backcountry or resort-based tracks
      • Recovery and tune-up workouts for in-season training

      PT designed, PT led

      • For performance and injury-prevention
      • Informed by current research
      • Modifications to adjust intensity level

      Start Stronger, Stay Out Longer

      Strength and Endurance

      Some of the best days on skis are those where you skied all day but still felt like you could have done one more lap. Or the days you tapped into your reserve in a way you can only do when you’ve put in the extra time to prepare for the season. We want all of your days to feel that way. Guided by the latest research ATP strengthens key muscles and programs your workouts to maintain muscle balance to maximize your performance and reduce your risk of injury. This kind of preparation allows you to shorten your recovery time and build on your base fitness through dryland ski-specific movements. We focus on body weight exercises that require little to no equipment. Our programs address commonly missed regions important for muscle balance and movement quality.


      Our programs address mobility restrictions common to folks on the slopes. That allows you to absorb a deeper knee bend or respond to being thrown forward if the snow suddenly changes. Sometimes past injuries have limited that range. We will build your confidence in your lower back, hip, knee and ankle joints. Our musculoskeletal system (array of joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments) can be fine-tuned. We are constantly getting feedback from the environment around us. This is especially true on the slopes where we may see variability in weather or snow conditions. Our neuromuscular system (the muscles and the nerves that supply them) respond very quickly to training. We want to be strong through the full range of our joints. Be ready to stretch, mobilize and lengthen so we can increase your pain-free range of motion.

      Dynamic Control

      Being able to maintain good form can make all of the difference when it comes to preventing an injury or improving performance. Our off-season pursuits don’t often train you to meet the specific stability demands of skiing and snowboarding. That is why it is important to start working on these areas before ski season starts and to continue with maintenance exercises throughout the season. We will progress you through the appropriate dosage of sets and repetitions for each exercise. We prioritize those exercises that help us adapt in real time to our position in space. This aspect of our workouts allows us to focus on timing and coordination. This is the area most commonly missed if we only make time for cardiovascular fitness or strength. It is key to injury prevention and allowing you to have a long and healthy season.

      Is this program right for me?

      Physical Requirements:

      Modifications are available for most exercises to adjust the level of challenge, however a baseline health and fitness level is required due to the nature of the group class:

      • If you have had surgery in the past 6 months, must be cleared by physician or PT to participate in sport-specific training;
      • If you have had another medical procedure (ie. injections) or an injury requiring medical attention in the past 3 months, you must have been cleared to return to sport-specific training;
        • Physical tasks: you should be able to perform each of these without increased pain
        • Squat and hover just above a seat for 30 seconds
        • Single leg squat to 45 degrees (with or without hand support)
        • 10 pogo hops (as if you were jumping rope)
        • Balance on one foot for 5 seconds on each side

      Time Commitment:

      • 1 hour, 1x/wk for 6 weeks (May extend to 7 weeks if a class is skipped due to a holiday)
      • Optional independent online workouts
        • Recommend 1-2 additional 1 hour online workouts in addition to in-person class during the 6 week ski conditioning series
      • Optional continued training throughout the season: maintenance, recovery and performance boosters.  10-45 minutes, 2-4x/week

      Equipment Requirements:

      • Equipment provided for in-person class 
      • For at-home supplemental workouts, we recommend 
        • Circle resistance bands
        • Something to step-up on – a sturdy step-stool or chair works
        • Weight – dumbbells from 5-25 lb (or use what you have: jugs of water or a loaded backpack do the trick)