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Dry Land Ski Conditioning Recovery

Dry Land Ski Conditioning – Recovery We all come into the ATP program from different places but DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will be a reality for all of


So you want to learn how to ski…?

How to Ski Hint: the workout starts before you hit the slopes By: Kristen Vaughan From the ATP home-base in Seattle it is impossible to ignore the influx of people


Splitboard Conditioning and Recovery Exercises

What should a splitboarding conditioning program include? Any Splitboarding conditioning program worth its salt should focus on strength and endurance in the muscles that we use for both the up

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It’s All In The Hips – Having Hip Mobility While you Ski Could Save Your Back

If you’ve ever ended a ski day, or woken up the next morning with an achy low back, you’ve probably asked yourself questions about why that is happening and how