Conditioning for Backcountry Skiing

This program includes all of the elements of downhill training included in our inbounds program, plus adds specific exercises to train for uphill travel involved in ski-touring and splitboarding.

It includes the backcountry version of our signature on-ramping series which progresses through three 2-week phases, advancing from foundational mobility, strength and control work through higher-demand endurance and plyometric-type exercises.  We offer a high-impact version and reduced-impact version of this program.

Done in the pre-season, it will have you ready for the skin track as well as the down as you head out into the mountains.  The on-ramp series is also a great program for people getting ready for a  hut trip or increasing touring volume such as preparing for long spring-touring objectives.

This product also includes our in-season “Skihab” program which provides tools for active recovery such as stretching routines, foam rolling techniques, and a custom yoga flow for winter athletes.  There are also suggestions for dynamic warm-ups along with maintenance-exercises to help maintain muscle-balance and supplement the exercise you are getting by doing the sport throughout the winter.

Equipment Needed:

  1. Optional Set of resistance bands: yellow/green/blue set
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  2. Chair with fixed legs or a work out bench.
  3. Optional: Weight: 10-20 lb dumbbells, weight vest, kettlebell, sandbag or loaded backpack (optional….all workouts can be done without weights)
$24.99 month / $99 6 months

Program Includes:

  • Online access to video-led exercises
  • Three-phase custom on-ramping series including a new workout delivered every two weeks throughout the six-week series.
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Strength and endurance
  • Dynamic control
  • Plyometric and agility exercises
  • “Skihab” exercises for in-season maintenance
  • Stretching routine
  • Foam rolling techniques
  • Custom yoga flow for winter athletes
  • Detailed self-assessment to establish baselines and track progress
  • Accessible on any device

We offer 2 levels of each of our programs, Reduced Impact and High Impact. Choose the level that best suits your activity level.

Reduced Impact Backcountry Skiing Training Program

This program is for the skier or split-boarder who is coming back from a serious injury in the past year or who had pain associated with doing their sport last season (either while doing the activity or within the following day). For the athlete who doesn’t mind working hard, but isn’t interested in pounding through the crud and chunder. It includes mobility exercises, challenging strength and endurance exercises, stability and control work, ascending-specific exercises and light plyometric activities that can be modified to your tolerance-level.

Backcountry - Reduced Impact

$24.99 a Month
This membership automatically renews month after month so you can keep the good times rolling or cancel at anytime.

Backcountry Reduced Impact - Season Pass

$99 for 6 Months
Commit to training training all season a save. This membership provides 6 mo of access at 34% discount.

High Impact Backcountry Skiing Training Program

This program is for the skier or spit-boarder who does not have any current pain issues from the naval down and has not had any serious injuries in the past year. This program is designed to prepare for the demands of wherever that epic day may take you: at higher speeds, on unpredictable terrain, and for cliffs and airs. It includes mobility exercises, strength and endurance exercises, stability and control work, and moderate to high-intensity plyometric activities working up to single-leg and lateral jumping.

Backcountry - High Impact

$24.99 a Month
This membership automatically renews month after month so you can keep the good times rolling or cancel at anytime.

Backcountry High Impact - Season Pass

$99 for 6 Months
Commit to training training all season a save. This membership provides 6 mo of access at 34% discount.


What this program will do for you:

Build quad endurance, strength, and eccentric control

Achieve hip and ankle mobility required for skiing and making kick-turns

Strengthen hip-flexors and lateral stabilizers needed for ascents

Dial in your stability and control

Improve balance, agility and quick-responses

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How do I use the self-assessment? The self-assessment can be thought of as a pre-test and post-test before and after doing your 6-week program. We designed it to create a checklist that skiers can use on their own to see where they are at with movements that we feel are essential for skiers and snowboarders. We developed this after years of working with alpine and freestyle ski racers, ski patrollers, friends in the backcountry and patients. It is optional but we recommend utilizing it to give you an idea of some of the tasks you need to work on. We recommend you do it no matter which of our programs you decide to do. Plus it’s free!

2: What equipment will I need? We focus on body weight exercises and our programs are designed to be done with little to no equipment. At the most, a box to jump on and off for the latter phases and a medicine or weighted ball is helpful if you choose to progress your resistance. However, all exercises can be done equipment-free (ie bounding can be substituted for box jumps). Additionally we have link to resistance bands that might improve your workout. You can also add a kettlebell, weight vest, loaded pack or hand weights to most exercises. 

3: What is the difference between the backcountry and inbounds programs? Our inbounds programs keep in mind the eccentric load on the quads and hip and trunk control and is appropriate for all ability levels. Our backcountry course includes these but also addresses the demands of uphill travel and the likelihood of varied terrain. For example, the amount of hip rotation needed to perform a kick turn or chance of hitting chundery snow.

4. What is the difference between the low and high impact programs? Our low impact program is a great option for people who want to improve their strength and endurance while recovering from an injury or protecting long-standing conditions that might be sensitive to higher impact loads. This program would be appropriate for folks skiing primarily groomed slopes. The high impact program ramps up the plyometric exercises during the latter stages and targets those who anticipate skiing in uneven terrain, at higher speeds or including drops and airs.

5: Do Barre classes compliment this program well? Barre and other group exercise classes can compliment this program well when they target the hip and core muscles. However, our exercises are based on benchmarks we encourage participants to meet and the best way to do that is through doing the exact exercises in the program as they have been hand-picked after thorough research. When mixing in other programs you’ll want to be mindful to allow for proper recovery from our workouts (1-2 days) so you avoid overtraining. 

6: What is the difference between the online classes and the Livestream? The online classes are our staple programs that can be done whenever they fit into your life. At home, at the gym, at any time of day or night. We recommend you do these 2-3x/week for 6 weeks (3 phases of 2 weeks each). The Livestream classes are for those of you who would love to join an in-person ski conditioning class but aren’t able to make one due to your schedule or the social distancing rules. It can count as one of your weekly workouts or you can use it as a way to better learn the exercises or just add a social element to the workout. We are offering 3 different start times or pods for these (each are 1x/week for 6 weeks and one will be taught by Kristen, one by Mandie and one by Mitch).

7: What are the Skihab tools you mention for in-season training? The Skihab tools are the ski-specific yoga routine, foam rolling and stretches we recommend. We also have tips about warm-ups and active recovery. These tips and tools were developed from great questions we got by participants in past years. You have access to these with all of the programs.